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Applications for the SoundSign

Indicate high noise levels in a wide range of different environments

There are many applications where there is a need to clearly indicate where noise levels are exceeding a threshold.

Ideal for use in both noisy and quiet environments

Some of these are where high noise levels occur, such as factories and in the entertainment industries and some are where the noise levels are much lower, schools and hospitals for example, but where there is still a need to show when the noise is getting too high.

For example, the “Hearing Protection Must Be Worn” version can be used to reinforce the need to wear PPE when noise levels reach a set level. A noise survey may have indicated that the levels will exceede85dB(A) when certain processes occur but this may happen at random intervals throughout the day.

A Remote Display Unit can also be placed outside of the work area to inform anyone entering that PPE must be worn when they enter the noise sensitive area.

The wearing of hearing protection may not required at all times and so the use of the Sound Sign will inform employees when PPE is required and when it can be removed.

A different application is to use a Sound Sign to trigger at a much lower level, 50dB(A) for example, to ensure that the noise levels in a hospital ward stay within acceptable levels. There is no need to use hearing protection but the use of a clear warning sign can be very effective in controlling and managing noise levels.

Click on the links below and see some example of where the SoundSign can be used. The SoundSign is a very versatile unit and you may have an applications that we have not covered.

Please contact us and let us know if you need any advice or information.

Industry & Factories
The SoundSign is ideal for use in areas where a noise survey has indicated high noise levels and hearing protection is required.Read more..
Healthcare & Hospitals
Noise in hospitals can disturb patients and staff and may increase recovery times. The SoundSign can help to reduce and control noise levels.Read more..
Schools & Colleges
Schools can sometimes be very noisy environments. SoundSigns can be used in corridors, classrooms and cafeterias to indicate excessive noise.Read more..
Music & Entertainment
In Pubs, Clubs, Hotels and other locations where music is played, the SoundSign can help to control noise levels.Read more..
Libraries are usually quiet but there may be areas where noise occurs that can disturb others.Read more..
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