The SoundSign for Industry

The SoundSign in Industrial Environments

Show when hearing protection must be worn or when high noise levels occur

When a noise survey or risk assessment has been made, areas may be found where hearing protection must be worn or where high noise levels will occur during the working day.

It may not be practiable for employees to wear hearing protection constantly, especially where the noise levels are intermittent or vary significantly over the day. The SoundSign Version 1 can be used to show when hearing protection must be worn in these areas. Where hearing protection is not required but there is still a need to show when the noise levels are high, the SoundSign Version 2 would be appropriate.

If it is essential for anyone entering these areas to be prepared and already wearing hearing protection, a CR:202 SoundSign Remote Unit can be connected to the Master unit and positioned outside of the work area, next to an entrance or door for example. This will ensure that anyone entering the room will be aware of the high noise levels and the need to wear appropriate hearing protection.

A CR:203 Data Logger can be added to gather a record of when the noise levels were over the trigger level and to help monitor the effectiveness of hearing protection.

SoundSign Noise Warning Sign
The Sound Sign is a highly visible noise activated warning sign available with a range of different messages

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SoundSign Remote Unit
The SoundSign Remote Units can be added quickly and easily to a Master unit to cover a wider area

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SoundSign Data Logger
The optional CR:203 Data Logger can be added to a SoundSign Master Unit to record and store noise levels.

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SoundSign Accessories
A range of accessories are available for the SoundSign to enhance functionality and performance.

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Versions & Options
The SoundSign is available with different graphics for use in a range of environments

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