The SoundSign for Healthcare and Hospitals

SoundSign for Libraries

Even quiet environments can be noisy

Most of us think of libraries as quiet places, but more and more libraries are using technology to provide additional services to visitors. Cafetierias are often found in libraries along with other activities that may generate noise.

Computer, printers, copiers and other electronic equipment all produce noise and when there are many people moving around, talking or working on computer keyboards the noise levels may start to disturb.

A SoundSign with the SHHH! Quiet Zone (SoundSign Version 4) warning can help to keep noise levels under control. This effective unit will light up when noise level go over a set level, which can be set any value down to 40dB(A), and will inform visitors and staff that the noise is becoming too high.

Remote SoundSign units can be added and placed in corridors or other high traffic areas to ensure the peace and quiet is maintained in essential areas.

SoundSign Noise Warning Sign
The Sound Sign is a highly visible noise activated warning sign available with a range of different messages

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SoundSign Remote Unit
The SoundSign Remote Units can be added quickly and easily to a Master unit to cover a wider area

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SoundSign Data Logger
The optional CR:203 Data Logger can be added to a SoundSign Master Unit to record and store noise levels.

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