The SoundSign for Healthcare and Hospitals

SoundSign for Schools and Colleges

Maintaining a quiet learing environment

There have been many studies which show that high noise levels in a learning environment can affect both students and teachers. Any environment where children and students gather is likely to be noisy! Controlling noise levels can help to reduce the risk of hearing damage in young children as well as making the learning environment more pleasant.

Many buildings that are used for education were not designed with noise in mind, with hard walls and floors often creating a noisy environment with only a few students. The SoundSign can be used to show students when noise levels are getting high and also to inform staff of when problems may occur.

Keep noise levels down during exam time

The SoundSign can be used in cafeterias, classrooms and corridors when examinations are in progress to help to maintain a quiet environment. SoundSign Version 4 (SHHH! Quiet Zone) is ideal for these locations.

Monitoring noise levels in music rooms

Many colleges have music facilities and monitoring the noise levels that both students and staff are exposed to can often be difficult. Music teachers and tutors can often be exposed to high occupational noise levels which can be above legal limits.

If a noise survey indicates areas where high noise levels may occur, a SoundSign can be installed to give a clear warning and when used with a CR:203 Data Logger, a record of noise levels over a period of time.

Remote SoundSign units can be added to ensure that anyone entering these areas is aware of the risk to their hearing and can take appropriate action.

SoundSign Noise Warning Sign
The Sound Sign is a highly visible noise activated warning sign available with a range of different messages

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SoundSign Remote Unit
The SoundSign Remote Units can be added quickly and easily to a Master unit to cover a wider area

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SoundSign Data Logger
The optional CR:203 Data Logger can be added to a SoundSign Master Unit to record and store noise levels.

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