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SoundSign, The Noise Activated Warning Sign

Introducing a unique way to warn of noise levels

What is the SoundSign?

SoundSign™ is a highly visible noise activated warning sign that has been designed for use in environments where there is a need to clearly warn or indicate when a preset noise level is reached.

Benefits at a glance

> Lights up when a preset noise level is exceeded
> Quick & simple to install
> Trigger level from 40dB(A) to 114dB(A) for use in any environment
> High intensity white LED technology for high visual impact and a long operating life
> Use text and graphics to communicate specific noise level warnings
> 4 standard designs to cover all applications

In addition to the traditional Noise at Work style sign, the Sound Sign is also available with a range of other graphics and text which allows it to be used in environments where the noise levels may not reach those where hearing protection is required, but where there is still a need to warn or indicate excessive sound levels.

Ideal for Noisy Environments

Use the SoundSign™ in noisy environments such as factories, workshops, pubs and nightclubs to warn when noise levels become too high and indicate when hearing protection must be worn.

Ideal for Quiet Environments

Use SoundSign™ in quiet locations such as schools, hospitals and libraries to indicate when noise levels must be kept down.

Find out more

Simply click on the links below to find out more about SoundSign™ or visit our applications page which gives examples of where this product can be used. We've also included information about the accessories and options available as well as advice on how to install SoundSign™ in your specific environment.

To view our complete product range, please visit the Cirrus Research plc website here.

SoundSign Noise Warning Sign
The Sound Sign is a highly visible noise activated warning sign available with a range of different messages

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SoundSign Remote Unit
The SoundSign Remote Units can be added quickly and easily to a Master unit to cover a wider area

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SoundSign Data Logger
The optional CR:203 Data Logger can be added to a SoundSign Master Unit to record and store noise levels.

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Industry & Factories
The SoundSign is ideal for use in areas where a noise survey has indicated high noise levels and hearing protection is required.Read more..
Healthcare & Hospitals
Noise in hospitals can disturb patients and staff and may increase recovery times. The SoundSign can help to reduce and control noise levels.Read more..
Schools & Colleges
Schools can sometimes be very noisy environments. SoundSigns can be used in corridors, classrooms and cafeterias to indicate excessive noise.Read more..
Music & Entertainment
In Pubs, Clubs, Hotels and other locations where music is played, the SoundSign can help to control noise levels.Read more..
Libraries are usually quiet but there may be areas where noise occurs that can disturb others.Read more..
Versions & Options
The SoundSign is available with different graphics for use in a range of environments

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