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SoundSign Noise Warning Sign

A simple solution for warning of high noise levels

SoundSign Master Unit - A SoundSign Master unit has a microphone to measure the noise levels and it can be upgraded by adding the Data Logger or Remote Display Unit. For simple installations, a Master Unit can be used on its own. Click here for more details.

SoundSign Remote Display Unit - The Remote Display units are controlled by a Master unit which provides the power to illuminate the sign. Remote Display units are ideal when a large area needs to be covered or where there is a need to show the warning outside of the noisy area. Click here for more details.

SoundSign Data Logger - The optional CR:203 Data Logger can be quickly added to a Master unit to allow a SoundSign to record sound level samples and download the information to a PC. Click here for more details.

Versions of the SoundSign - So that the SoundSign can be used in a range of different locations and for a number of applications, we have a number of versions with different text and graphics. These are available for both the Master Unit and Remote Display Units. Click here for more details.

Accessories for the SoundSign - There is a range of accessories and options available for the SoundSign including external microphones, extension cables and acoustic calibrators as well as sound level meters. all of which can be used to enhance the performance of a SoundSign unit. Click here for more details.

To view our complete product range, please visit the Cirrus Research plc website here.

SoundSign Noise Warning Sign
The Sound Sign is a highly visible noise activated warning sign available with a range of different messages

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SoundSign Remote Unit
The SoundSign Remote Units can be added quickly and easily to a Master unit to cover a wider area

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SoundSign Data Logger
The optional CR:203 Data Logger can be added to a SoundSign Master Unit to record and store noise levels.

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SoundSign Accessories
A range of accessories are available for the SoundSign to enhance functionality and performance.

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Versions & Options
The SoundSign is available with different graphics for use in a range of environments

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