The SoundSign for Healthcare and Hospitals

SoundSign Remote Display Units

Extend the range of the SoundSign

The Sound Sign is also available as a Remote Display Unit which is controlled by a Master Sound Sign. When the SoundSign lights up, the Remote Units light up in the same way and for the same period of time.

The Remote Display Units are connected by a simple cable to the Master and up to three units can be daisy-chained together so that a wide area can be covered.

Remote units are ideal in applications where the main unit cannot be seen. For example, in a factory where the main SoundSign is out of view of employees, a remote unit can be installed to ensure that sufficient coverage of the noise warnings is available.

Another common use for the remote units is to position one at the entrance to a high noise level environment. This can help to ensure that anyone entering this environment is aware of the need to wear hearing protection or is aware of the risk of high noise levels.

Master and Remote SoundSigns

What's in the box?

A SoundSign Remote Display Unit is supplied with:

1 x SoundSign Remote Display Unit
1 x 10m Interconnection Cable
2 x Wall Mounting Plugs & Screws
1 x Installation Guide

Installation & Configuration

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SoundSign Noise Warning Sign
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SoundSign Data Logger
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SoundSign Accessories
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